Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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DIY Closet Shelves for Storage – Bonus Room Makeover

Here's another project in the bonus room, but this one came about after the fact. The closets in this room are very awkward and...
DIY Floating Shelves | Media Shelves | DIY FLoating Shelf | Room Makeover | DIY Projects

DIY Floating Shelves – Bonus Room Makeover Project

Now that we're done with the major renovations in the bonus room, I wanted to add a few DIY floating shelves around the flat...
DIY Installing Laminate Flooring | Sam's Select Surfaces Cocoa Walnut

Installing Laminate Flooring – DIY Bonus Room Makeover

All throughout the bonus room renovation project, my plans for the floor never really changed.  We were going to be ripping up the old...
DIY Floating Book Shelves | Invisible Book Shelves | Book Organization | Book Shelf | Book Wall

DIY Invisible Floating Book Shelves – Book Organization

All throughout the bonus room makeover I've been trying to decide where I could put my  books.  It wasn't until I ran across a...
DIY Sunburst Mirror | Wood shim project | DIY Wall Art | Home Decor DIY

Sunburst Mirror DIY- Cheap and Creative Wall Art with Wood Shims

My friend, Pat, turned me on to the beautiful sunburst mirror decor fad.  She was on the hunt for the perfect sunburst to hang...
Tri-Color Quinoa Salad - Simple Recipes | Lemon Vinaigrette | arugula

Tri-Color Quinoa Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette

I love a good quinoa salad!  You can customize this dish with your favorite veggies or whatever you happen to have on hand in...
Update a Room with DIY Wood Trim | Board and Batten | Crown Molding

Update Your Space Using Wood Trim – Bonus Room Makeover

Using wood trim to update your space is an easy and inexpensive solution that will give a room elegant appeal.  Check out the areas...
Alaska Dream Vacation | Glacier Tours | Kenai Fjords

Amazing Wildlife and Glacier Cruise Tours In Alaska

This particular adventure is a must when visiting Alaska. I know that Alaska is a popular cruise ship destination, but there are several daily...
Things to do in Alaska | Alaska Vacation | Alyeska Tram

The Alyeska Tram in Alaska

While I was planning my list of things to do during my trip to Anchorage, the Alyeska Tram popped up on my radar and...

Hawaiian Spam Musubi Rolls

What did I eat during my awesome vacation in Hawaii?????  Spam Musubi Rolls!!! I know, you're saying, "She went all the way to...