Hey there!  We’re still working on this room…bit by bit.  I knew it would take longer than I anticipated, but I’ve come to terms with the new infinity timeline. It will get done……eventually. One thing I noticed while putting up the crown molding was how incredibly dark the room was.  I only have one source of light for that entire room and something needed to be done about it.  I need recessed lights pronto. Unfortunately, I know not one iota about anything electrical.  DAD!!!!!!!! I figure,  all you gotta do is drill some holes, stuff in those can lights, wire them up and POOF…we have lights.  If you know me at all, when I start off a sentence with, “All you have to do is……”, you’d better watch out.  It’s not going to be pretty because in my mind I have convinced myself of how easy it is, all while figuring out who I can get to help with that.  See, simple enough for me.  I figured I’d do all the research and then present my plan to the construction foreman.

Shopping Time

I started with a little reconnaissance at Home Depot.  This is where the dream killer (my budget) reminded me that I don’t have $1000 to spend on recessed lights.  Okay, back to the drawing board or rather my Pinterest board to see what I can find.  I end up finding a video of a guy with a box of 10 recessed lights from somewhere for less than $100 and he installed them super fast with little effort. Cheap and easy lights???? Get outta here!  I’m all over that and I end up finding a set on Amazon for $90. Now that’s more in line with my beer budget.  These are 4″ cans and I wasn’t sure they were big enough until I saw some of the reviews from other buyers.  I’m going to have to use all 10 for this room and then some, but for $100 I’m good with that.

DIY Recessed lighting for a bonus room makeover


I’ve gathered the info and now it’s time to convince good ol’ dad!  Of course, he points out a few things that I haven’t quite considered. For instance, I didn’t notice that you don’t get light bulbs with them.  WHAT???? Shoot, this is going to cost a little more than I thought.  I get back on Amazon and find some LED bulbs-10pk for $50.

DIY Recessed lights and LED bulbs for a room makeover

We also had to acquire a few more things, including the correct hole saw, a dimmer switch, lots of wire and other electrical connector stuff.  All in all, I spent about $300 for everything.  As we wait for all of the Amazon packages to arrive, my dad also reminds me that we’ll have to remove all of the plywood flooring he installed in the attic years ago.  In order to do that, I also need to move all the junk stored in the attic.  Here is the project snowball effect at it’s finest.  Not as easy as drilling a few holes and stuffing lights in them.  🙁


After a few weeks we finally finish and here is the room with it’s new lights!!!

recessed lighting diy

I want to get rid of the light kit on the ceiling fan, but that can wait until later.   This ended up being way more work than I thought, but I’m really happy with the end result.

Recessed lights with led bulbs. DIY installed.

Here are the lights dimmed all the way down.

DIY recessed lighting

Now that the lights are done, I’d like to start figuring out a paint color scheme for this room.  This is the part I’m really dreading.  Picking paint color is not my specialty so this ought to be really interesting.  Check back on my progress!


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