My Dream Crown Molding!

It’s been a busy week, by busy I mean I’ve been out scouting crown molding samples every evening after work.  I want to layer that stuff up like big hair at a southern baptist church on Sunday. You feel me???  If I’m installing crown, why not go big.  I can build up these strips of wood and create a masterpiece of epic proportions. Let’s head over to my Pinterest boards and I’ll show you what I’m thinking for this room.

Option #1: I love how this molding crawls over the ceiling. Found this at The Family Handyman

Crown Molding DIY
Extensive Crown Molding Idea for DIY

Option #2: This makes a huge impact and I love the dark paint. Found this at Little Green Notebook

Crown Molding Style
Crown Molding Style

Option #3:  Oh MY GOODNESS! Love this one!!!

Crown Molding
Multi-Layered Crown Molding

Now I need to talk to the man of knowledge (Dad) to see what we need to propel this dream into my reality in the next few days. I’m thinking a few trips to the store and we ought to be able to lay this out in no time flat. We already have our new air compressor and nail guns, furring strips are up, and we have the miter saw along with the Kreg cutting tool ready to go. All we have to do (these few words get me into lots of trouble) is cut and nail.  Let’s get to it!

My In-Reality Crown Molding!

Let’s just say that after showing my budget,( A.K.A. The Dream Killer), all the ideas I had in mind, The Dream Killer proceeded to kick my tail all up and down the molding aisle at Lowe’s.  Dad just stood by as a spectator to the spectacular implosion of my grandiose crown molding ideas.  I think he even called over the sales associate to enjoy the show.  Come on!!! Seriously people, why do these strip of wood cost so much???

The Dream Killer pointed me to a option in my price range and it will have to do the trick. This is what I chose:

Crown Molding
Lowe’s molding

As I sit and sulk on the cart at Lowe’s, Pinterest speaks to me and says that I need to look for inexpensive ways to build up crown molding.  See, I told you in a earlier post that these projects are not for the easily defeated.  Ok, ok, ok…..I’m open to a compromise, but now I want to get home and saw something.

Check back on my bonus room renovation project for updates!


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