It seems everyone has a fabulous patio these days.  Until Pinterest, mine was just a place to put the grill and swat mosquitoes.  The deck floor was in need of repair and I’m harboring an increasing hate towards the lattice work.  Well, I kept finding all these beautiful patio makeovers and I couldn’t resist. I wanted to fix the floor, replace rails and balusters, add lighting, and accessorize with rugs, pillows and fru-fru things.  Oh yeah, a few potted plants as well. Can’t forget the plants on the patio! Time for a patio makeover!!!!

I loaded up my boards with all kinds of inspiration and ideas. Check them out here: Outdoor Decor, Outdoor Ideas, Outdoor Lighting, Outdoor Curtains

It took a little while to convince dad to replace the deck floor, but once he got going you couldn’t stop him. I don’t have any before pics, but here are the after shots.

Outdoor Patio Update

The pictures were taken a little later and it needs a good pressure washing and probably a bit of sealant or stain.  The floor boards were in pretty bad shape, some we couldn’t step on because they might give way. He replaced the hand rails and balusters, as well. It’s not fancy, but I think it looks great and he saved us (me) a fortune.  I already had a beautiful set of teak patio furniture and I found 12 patio cushions at a Macy’s furniture clearance store to make the benches a little more comfortable. Nothing like a $2 cushion score for a patio makeover .

Outdoor Deck Update

I’ve moved the BBQ grill all around the deck because it could only sit in one spot before,  at the risk of the grill falling through.  Now, I have several options for grill placement to cook up burgers while staying involved in all the conversations.


Deck Lighting

After he finished the deck there was a need for some lighting.  I decided to call and get a couple of quotes and both came in over $1500. Well, way, JACK! Not happening.  Dad and I went on the hunt and ended up with a low voltage patio light kit from Home Depot for about $50 for a set of 6. SCORE!!!! I needed a couple of sets for the entire deck.
DIY Outdoor Lighting

The low voltage lights install pretty easy and they throw off just enough light at night. Love the look and it was super dad to the rescue AGAIN.  He’s my genie in a bottle, except for the “command” part.  I have to more or less beg and whine like a two year old, but it works most of the time.

You’d think I would be done, but Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo. I saw a really nice DIY patio table and bench design on Shanty 2 Chic and loved it.  Here it is below:


I had to get dad on board again because I didn’t really knooooooooooow how to use a saw. I mean, I got the general concept, but that spinning blade scared me a bit. After a few days of begging, we got started on my new patio table and benches.

DIY Patio Benches

There’s my new sworn enemy……LATICE!!!!

DIY Bench

DIY Outdoor Dining Table

Look at that thing!  It’s a substantial piece of furniture for the deck and I can’t wait to use it for outdoor dining.

Outdoor Bench DIY

It came together nicely and I would consider myself as being a good carpenters assistant. Would dad agree, sure..maybe, probably not.

Here are a few pics of the finished table:

Outdoor Patio Dining DIY

Outdoor Patio Dining DIY

Outdoor Patio Dining DIY

Bits and pieces are coming together.  The concrete patio needs a good pressure washing and all my teak furniture could use some oil.  What a world of difference that made. I can’t wait to come up with a replacement for the lattice up above the table.

Cleaning Teak Patio Furniture

The furniture was pressure washed and rubbed with teak oil.

Cleaning Teak Patio Furniture with Teak Oil

Cleaning Teak Patio Furniture with Teak Oil

I rubbed on that furniture for days and days!!!  Now I need to stain the deck.  Does it ever stop????? Not if you know me.

Dark Deck Stain

The furniture looked AMAZING and the new deck looked BLAH, mostly because I didn’t protect the boards after my dad did all that hard work; shame on me.  We spent a couple of days pressure washing and then started to stain. This a pretty big deck and I’m sure it won’t all get done in a weekend.  Do you see the new planters I found at the Ikea clearance section for $5 a piece???  I hauled 4 of those things right out of there and one day I’ll figure out what to put in them.  That’s how I operate. Never walk away from a good deal; get it and figure out how to use it later. Yep, that’s me!

My simple outdoor patio makeover has turned into another huge project that keeps going and going.  I’ll post an update after we finish staining, but I’m sure there will be many projects before it’s all said and done.  TRUST ME!



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