Picking wall paint is probably the hardest task for me when it comes to these makeover projects.  I’ve pinned 100’s of colors on my Pinterest paint board that look great in every place, but my house.  Go figure! My heart is set on the perfect true gray paint for this room, but which gray could that be?   There are thousands of shades of gray.  Not just 50! Grays can lean brownish, greenish, blueish, and all the other “ishes”.  If your lighting is awful like mine was, it’s a whole other ballgame.  Finding the perfect gray depends on your idea of perfect.  My perfect gray paint color will probably end up not being so perfect when I finally get it on the wall, but I’ll be so frustrated by that point and won’t care.

Benjamin Moore paint colors are winning the race so far and I’ve bought several samples to slap up on the wall to torture me. I’ve tried Coventry Gray, Stonington Gray, Chelsea Gray, Kendall Charcoal, Wickham Gray, Gray Owl,  Revere Pewter (just because that seems to be the popular pick), Moonshine, Pikes Peak, Storm and some lighter/darker  variations of most of these.  Maybe I can just mix them all together.  That would certainly give me enough paint to probably cover the entire house. Uggghhhh, I really, really, really hate picking paint.


I’m not sure if its the existing yuck color on the walls, but something is making all of my paint samples look wrong.  I don’t like any of them.  I’m ready to pay someone to pick a color for me.


I tried putting samples up in different areas of the room to see if that would make a difference, it didn’t.


The guy at the paint store felt sorry for me and suggested I hang paper towels around the paint samples. That didn’t work either.


I’m afraid to go too dark.  Too light just doesn’t look right either.


Something looks green here.


My dad is trying to help, but he said the colors were are starting to look the same. Same here, dad! Now, I can’t even remember which sample is which. 🙁



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