I’ve slooooooowly developed a love for sushi rolls (not really the sushi part) over the years. It’s more or less a rice roll with cooked shrimp and crab inside that I love.  Works for me!!! I know this isn’t technically sushi, so I’ll call it a fusion rice roll.  Catchy, right????

Lately, I’ve been going out to lunch quite a bit and many times a rice roll has ended up on my plate. Until recently, my assumption was that California rolls were my only option until being schooled by one of my friends, Dwayne.  He tried to get me into the raw stuff with little success, but he didn’t judge my adolescent-like palate. Thanks to Dwayne, I now know about several other rolls to try where the protein doesn’t seem like it could flap off my plate and hitchhike back to the ocean. LOL!!

Of course, who thinks they can recreate those exquisite rolls you get at a sushi restaurant? Not me, I definitely haven’t thought,  “I could make this!”, until now. I watched an episode of Rev Run’s Sunday Dinners: Mix-and-Match Sushi Rolls. I really watch way too many cooking shows. Anyway, Rev Run’s wife, Justine, made making sushi rolls look “doable” and I was inspired to try it.  Let’s not equate doable to easy by any means of the imagination. Mostly, I figured it would resemble a roll if you closed one eye and really squinted with the other.

I needed to gather supplies and it required a few different stops around town over the course of a few days. The sushi mats came from World Market for about $2-$3 a piece; one set contains the rice spoon if you really want to put on a show. Publix had the short grain sushi rice, seaweed and filler ingredients. The last ingredient was the tempura shrimp from Trader Joe’s.  Mmmmmm, mmmmmm, good!

Sushi mat
Found at Cost Plus World Market


Sushi Rolls
Short Grain Sushi Rice from Publix.
Sushi Rolls
Tempura Shrimp

With all my ingredients in place it was time to summon my inner Japanese spirit and begin rolling those rolls.  I cooked the rice, fried the shrimp, sliced the avocado, cucumber and crab. I was afraid of making the rice incorrectly, but I got it.


Rolling was not easy and I demolished a piece or two of the seaweed.There is a trick to pulling it tight and rolling at the same time, all while trying to corral that sticky rice and not over fill the roll.Here is my attempt at an outside roll; rice on the outside.Told ya if you squint just right it might resemble a roll!


That was a bit hard, so I reverted to rice on the inside. It was so much easier.

Sushi Roll
Shrimp Tempura Roll


Sushi Rolls
Shrimp Tempura Rolls
Sushi Roll Dipping Sauces
Sriracha & Wasabi Spicy Mayo

Look at that! I rolled those all by myself and they tasted great.  I made a couple of spicy mayo combinations to accompany the soy sauce and ginger.  Dad is my taste tester and he loved them.  But, he says that about most of the things I attempt to cook.  If you’re looking for sushi roll recipes, check out my Pinterest board, Recipes-Sushi Rolls for some great ideas.




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